Dis-moi / Tell me –

It always happens to me.

Everytime I think of a decent outfit to put together for either a date, a GNO (Girls Night Out), or a special event, I fail miserably. It looks terrible, it seems really recherché, when in fact I’m only trying to look decent.

Am I alone here?

It once took me more than 45 minutes to pick an outfit WITH my boyfriend for us to go out. I felt so bad, because he waited forever and I was in panic mode.

I was on the verge of tears screaming that I had nothing to wear in a sea of clothes. He stopped whatever he was doing and told me, ever so gently:

– Don’t think about it. just pick something and we will work with that.

Brilliant! What a kind human being.

I ended up with a decent outfit, but to be honest I had put so much thought into it that I was exhausted and wanted to change as soon as we left the house.

However, the days I do not think about my outfit are the best. I always get a lot of compliments on how I put an outfit together, when, in actually, I am running late (you know when you are supposed to meet up with a friend in 2 hours and you start watching an episode of either House of Cards or an old season of Gossip Girl. You couldn’t help it. You’re going to be late. You ARE late).

Putting an outfit together requires minimal thinking and a big dose of pressure, in my case. That’s what works for me and I am sure everybody has a trick!
What’s your trick (or treat)?




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