The one with no cleavage…

I used to think shopping was a fun activity… USED TO THINK SO. Although I am an anything-clothing-shoes-and-accessory-lover, today I had an epiphany…

Shopping is like running a marathon.

I was invited today for some shopping. It lasted not more than 3 hours, but… Boy, oh, boy! When I got home, all I wanted to do was to take a loooooooong and well-deserved nap for the marathon I ran (shopping that is). As I was running through the Rideau Center with my partners in crime, I coped a dress from Club Monaco and some goodies from Victoria Shhh… it’s my secret.

I was told I needed a push up bra to fill in the gap around the breast area. (thanks for the genes, Mama. Fantastic).

– Oddly enough, it brought me back to that period of my life when I wanted a breast augmentation for the simple reason that I never filled up the dresses… Hhhmmm. I simply enjoy looking like a boy from time to time, now. But I digress –

I have to say, a small breast has its advantage in some cases. Although, the question I am asking myself is: How low can you go with the cleavage?
I like it when it is tasteful, sexy and feminine. (I also do not mind the side boob).

Dans quel cas le “cleavage” est trop profond? (huhuhu ^_^)

too much?
too much?
I nvr recovered. Still one of my faves
I nvr recovered. Still one of my faves
I'm in love with this outfit.
I’m in love with this outfit.
Summer come back... please?
Summer come back… please?
Simple Wang
Simple Wang

Bisous and thank you for reading!



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