Weekend|Inspiration #5

Weekend|Inspiration #5


|Meet Rocco|#ootd


Rocco and I met on a bus as we were both travelling from Montréal to Ottawa.

I couldn’t stop looking at him and dissecting his outfit.
I was not only mezmerized by the fact that he looks like George “Pornstache” Mendez from Orange is the New Black Continue reading “|Meet Rocco|#ootd”


Top 5 coats


It’s not only hard to find a pair boots, but it is also hard to find a coat that you love so much you wouldn’t mind wearing it all the time regardless of the occasion. During the winter, I always feel paralyzed by the cold. Looking good goes out the window (I have, as a matter of le fact, worn snow pants to go to work. Childhood memories. Les petits plaisirs de la vie). I do not care if I look totally crazy, because I do not have time for cold feet, cold face, cold hands and having my neck out for a cold to get to me. Merci, mais non merci.

Avoir l’air cool, même quand le froid chicotte, c’est bien, mais entre « être » et « parraître », je préfère être bien emmitouflée.

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”Skivvy” is the term they use in Australia/New Zealand for TURTLENECK.

It is a garment with a high collar that folds over and covers the neck. It is one of my favorite things to wear (I disliked them so much when I was young and swore I would never be caught dead wearing skivvies… few years later, what am I doing? Writing about ”one of my favorite things”shady) Continue reading “|Skivvy|”