The Dancing Snake|Baudelaire

*cling cling cling*

Let’s raise our glasses to a fabric that is traditionally associated to nobility. The peculiar properties of that fabric, the splendid yet softened depth of the colour it exhibits makes it of my favorite things in the world. Yes, WORLD. It has been used for ecclesiastical vestments, royal and state robes, and sumptuous hangings.

You guessed it, I am talking about VELVET. *cheers, laughs, champagne flowing*

If you want to channel a seventeenth-century air of grandeur and baroque, ’tis the season. Swathe it in velvet (or whenever you feel like it, really, when you love velvet like I do). velvet dress

For me, velours evokes opulence, softness, vintage, intrigue, kitsch and mystery! It demands commitment and a little bit of extravagance. You can add jewelry to complete an outfit or really cool accessory (and smack some lipstick on). You have to either go all out or play on subtlety. In my humble opinion, it’s imperative for men to play on subtlety (but kudos to those who even think about wearing velvet).

Velvet ranges in a variety of colours. Although I have seen some really cool velvet dresses in bright colours, my preference is for the dark vampy colours like burgundy, navy, rich dark chocolate, purple and black.

[This is really random but, anybody remember the group Velvet Revolver? I liked their song “Fall to pieces“. And that’s about the only reference I’m going to make about that group — aaannnddd scene!]

Suffice it to say that whenever I slip in one of my velvet dresses, I feel different (Laissez Dalida danser et laissez-moi ces courts instants chimériques). I feel like the Dancing Snake (Le Serpent qui danse) Baudelaire wrote about in his poem. Wouldn’t y’all feel the same?

Well, whatever, I love velvet.

A te voir marcher en cadence,
Belle d’abandon,
On dirait un serpent qui danse
Au bout d’un bâton.

Bisous & thank you for reading, friends!


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