| Happy New Year |

So, 2015 is here!

New year, new me, new resolutions!
– I’m playing.

It’s a new year and all I can really wish anybody is health, happiness and good vibes only. 2014 was amazing and I am happy I got to blog and share it with you all. Thank you for reading. I am thankful for all the feedback and constructive criticism.

– This year, I really want a healthier lifestyle (the feeling of disgust rises as I remember I ate burgers from McDonald’s during the Holidays. I haven’t eaten anything from that place in 7 years)

– I want to learn mandarin

– I want to go back to Sicily, I want to go to Cuba, Panama… erm… basically everywheredoors

– I want to eat more

– I want to learn how to actually do my own makeup in case I need it (when? I have no idea)

– I want to live with my parents again and spend time with them

– I want to experience new things, meet different people, learn something cool (like pottery or glassblowing or working with leather)

I hope this relationship will only grow stronger in 2015.
Thanks friends!
Bisous & thank you for reading!



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