Who likes shopping? You? You? Or you?

Shopping can sometimes be overwhelming.

You want everything and you want it now. I always find myself saying things like: “this is everything”, “I need this skirt in my life” [when I really don’t] or “this is life”. Honestly, I really believe I need those items in my life… Not because I’m materialistic [okay, who am I kidding? I ADMIT IT] but because I tend to fall in love with timeless pieces and I see it as an investment. I love a frugal way of life, so I rarely splurge but I’ll allow myself to invest in a really cool trench coat or cashmere gloves [even though there is a possibility of me losing them… It seldom happens], leather boots [Frye is always a good investment, Fiorentini+Baker is too], etc.

Thankfully, I work to pay bills and not shop… not uncommon to many. I have developed patience from being broke. It allowed me to realize that clothes, shoes, bags are not the most important things in life. The most valuable things I have and cherish are my family, my friends and my legs [hahaha]… I digress.

What does it take to be the best shopper you can be? [We have to excel at something, right?]
Here are my shopping tips. Shall we start?

#1 Everything goes on sale at the end of the season

It’s hard to accept it especially when you lay eyes on the classic Newburry Rag & Bone booties that you NEED, or the TOPMAN shirt you saw last week. It’s a fact. Everything goes on sale. As a matter of le fact, now is the perfect time to buy your winter coat. Don’t be fooled, winter is coming… They’re all half off. If you tame your impulses, you will buy quality at a cheaper price. It hurts… but patience is a virtue.
[It’s crazy, we start the year in snow and we end it in snow. Ugh. Why do I live in Canada again?]

With that being said, there are some key pieces you might end up buying full price. It’s a gut feeling.
If you do not buy it now, tomorrow is too late.

#2 Sometimes you have to make a choice

Remember those items in your wardrobe you have not worn in years? You probably have spent so much on it, just because it was “in” at a certain point of your life. Well, I hate to break it to y’all, but sometimes, that 358$ Designer’s Remix white tee is not worth it, SIMPLY because… ketchup, wine, food, someone else’s makeup, kids. If you’re a foodie like I am, you’re probably scared of wearing white. Yet, it is such fun to wear white.
Again, I’m saying that, but a friend of mine offered me this Alexander Wang t-shirt and it is the BEST white t-shirt I own. The fabric is just amazing… I repeat: AMAZING. I have tried shirts from The Row and it’s quite epic. It’s a gut feeling, if that Alexander Wang t-shirt was 238$ I would splurge, because I know how it feels on my skin. Nothing like the caress of your favorite t-shirt.
There are things you have to let go of for the well-being of your finances. Trust me, there is nothing like saving money.

Keys questions:
-Do I really need it?
-Will I wear this often?
-Will I regret buying it or will I regret not buying it?

#3 Lists, lists, lists

My parents used to tell me that it’s a good idea to make lists for about anything in life… I’m glad they tried instill that habit in me… I never make lists, though. However it is a good idea to have a list so that you do not derail from it and spend more money than you should. You have an objective and you want to stick to it. Apparently, when you go grocery shopping without a list, you buy 20% than you should have. Thank you Costco for all the food stands prompting us to buy what we just tasted. The tactic always works on me. *sigh*

In my humble opinion there are few purchases that are always a good investment:

– A winter coat in a classic cut.
– A statement piece for an impromptu event [always have to be ready]. It could be a dress, a jumper, even a coat, like this one [drools].
– Shoes and Boots. Leather is always a good idea. I really like these Angela Scott WITH arch support. It’s truly amazing. Or these CYDWOQ that I am obsessed with.
– Invest in a classic leather bag. There are so many brands out there… But I really love a Céline bag.
#4 Buying is the easy part

And it’s easy when you feel like what you buy will last you for a long time. I still have dresses from 6 years ago… “Non, je ne regrette rien” like Edith Piaf said/sang.

Share with me what your tips are, I want to know! You know what they say: sharing is caring.
Thank you for reading friends.



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