|Long story short… I trust you|

I could start with a bunch of quotes on TRUST… I won’t, just ‘cuz.

There are people in your life you trust: your mom, your dad, your bros, your sisters, your friends, your barber, your hairdresser, your esthetician. Oui, I included the barber, the hairdresser and the esthetician.

They are part of our lives whether we want to admit it or not. Over dinner and (a few) drinks a couple of weeks ago, a friend asked me if I knew a really good hairdresser. I laughed and said: I trust three people with my hair. My main squeeze Janice (brap brap!), Paula and Angèle, who does my braids. No, I do not have trust issues. It’s just that finding the hairdresser who understands your hair is a difficult task. Long before Janice, it was my mom (until she considered it was time for me to actually learn how to take care of my hair – cold *squint*). Afterwards, it was a matter of finding the ONE – it really feels like dating til you find the one who makes you laugh, giggle and understands your weird.

We all want that hairdresser who doesn’t talk too much and does his/her job properly; the hairdresser who doesn’t cut more hair than needed when you’re going for a trim only; the one who is able to tell you what to do when they notice your hair of feeling some type of way; the one who always ask for what you want first without assuming you want the “usual”; the one who you always go back to even when you cheated on them with another hairdresser in a moment of weakness.

Let’s face it, they see you at your worst. When you leave you feel better, like life is worth living (haha).

Men go through the same. I hear so many stories when I talk to my male friends (haa!) about the messed up outline, the not so great fade, the anxiety when a new barber says “trust me” or “I got you”. Honestly, it’s a inexhaustible source of laughter, especially when they sport a hat for a week – that awkward  moment when you realize you should have waited for the barber they usually go to.

Long story short… I trust you Janice, Paula, Angèle, Mona, the ladies who know me through and through.

Thank you for the read.
Musical indulgence: I’m back and I’m better, I want you bad as eveeeer, lalalala



2 thoughts on “|Long story short… I trust you|

  1. “…the one who you always go back to even when you cheated on them with another hairdresser in a moment of weakness.” that part made me laugh out loud! Love that you wrote about this because this is so true! A good, trustworthy hairdresser is everything! Learning to be my own because I don’t trust the ones in Mtl…



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