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I was rushing to get ready this morning (like every morning actually) and realized two things:

  1. I really need to proceed with my Spring cleaning
  2. I have a lot of men’s clothing in my wardrobe. As a matter of le fact, I did not buy half of it.

I then asked myself this question: do people throw away presents that were bought by their exes or do they keep it all?

Friends, I have a lot of my ex-partner’s clothes: sweaters, shorts (currently wearing them), t-shirts, bracelets, etc…

What am I supposed to do? Throw away the sweaters I have successfully stolen from him? His closet was also my closet.

{Not so long ago, when I was shopping, I was shopping for two. I loved the men’s section so much that whenever I would buy a shirt for my partner, I would buy the same for myself weeks later or just buy two of each items. Is it corny? Even if it was, I don’t care.}

Here are some brands/people I really f***s with. I would wear everything, obviously. Enjoy!

• Atelier New Regime (shop here)
• Drôle de monsieur (shop here)
• Charnah Ellesse from girlswillbeboys
• Greg Ntore
Each X Other
Fear of God
• Golden bear

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Thank you for reading! ^_^


7 thoughts on “|Honestly|

  1. I never really thought of doing that before… Personally, I’m not into that but you make it sound endearing. I think it’s sweer that you would purchase in doubles for you and your man. Great post.

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