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| Take me to church |

J’sais pas pour vous, mais moi, une belle architecture, ça me fait rêver. Le pire c’est que la plupart du temps il est difficile pour moi de mettre le doigt sur ce que je ressens vraiment lorsque je me trouve dans un endroit à couper le souffle.

Je ne pense pas avoir la fibre architecte, mais là du coup je pense que j’ai peut-être raté ma vraie vocation? L’architecture.

When I travel, I always find myself in a church. Churches make me feel tiny, empty and reassured at the same time. (You know… those movies in which people would go into a church in order to not get killed or to find a refuge?)

Once upon a time, I visited a church in the province of Palermo, Sicily: the Cathedral of Monreale. The church is a national monument and one of the main attractions of Sicily. I absolutely loved it: the outsides of the principal doorways, the atrium and the impressive glass mosaics which make this church so splendid (the church was a combination of three styles: norman-French, byzantine and arab). Splendid! Superb! Wonderful! Grand! Majestic! Impressive! Honestly I was speechless.

There is this church in Mogno I fell in love with (it’s small and simple and random). You’re probably asking yourself who/what/where Mogno is. You’re also probably trying to figure out if how to pronounce it? -Mog-no? -Mo-nio? -Mo…ah forget it… (and Wikipedia won’t help you either…). Mogno is a village in the canton of Ticino, in Switzerland. I’m obsessed.

Mogno is most noted for its modern marble and granite Church of San Giovanni Battista (sitting atop a Swiss mountain), designed by Ticinese architect Mario Botta. I have no words. Admire, drool over, cry. It’s a modern piece of art. It’s incredible how the conventional structure of a church can be reconceptualized.

My list of “must-see” keeps on getting longer and longer and longer and longer… just like my list of “must eat”… (aayy food is bae and you know it!)

Thanks for reading, fam!


One thought on “| Take me to church |

  1. “You know… those movies in which people would go into a church in order to not get killed or to find a refuge?” Officially my new favorite quote! Great post! I don’t know why I never thought to visit churches while vacationing or even thought of them as art really… You’ve definitely peaked my interest though. Think I might even go check out some of these churches in Mtl people talk so much about.



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