| A little bit of kitsch… |

Beer is an acquired taste.
Wine is an acquired taste.
Kitsch” is also an acquired taste in my opinion.

Sabine Paturel’s song: Les bêtises. THE BEST KITSCH SONG OF LIFE! ♥

Am I alone here? Although I have never followed the Juicy Couture tracksuit wave, I can truly appreciate the ridiculousness of wearing a full baby blue or powder pink outfit. When it was not in a pastel is was a hot pink WITH sequins… oh the 2000s.

Guys, remember Jennifer Lopez in the“I’m Real (Remix)” video, 2001? Or Paris Hilton? Or Britney Spears (she has done it like a PRO!)? Or Nicole Ritchie?

I am totally falling it lust with it again, maybe because I assume my likes and my choices more than ever before…? I mean, if I want to wear boxers as shorts… trust me I willI have… did it before Rihanna too…

I want to look pimp-ish in a tarnished gold outfit & Laina Rauma (so cute, so petite, so gorgeous, absolutely insane body and a killer smile) has us covered! HOW CUTE, mah fwends? HOW CUTE!

Thanks for reading fam! ♥

All the photos are from Laina Rauma 


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