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|Self Portrait|

Wedding season is around the corner

…if you’re looking to splurge on a dress, SELF PORTRAIT dresses are pretty fabulous!

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Who likes shopping? You? You? Or you?

Shopping can sometimes be overwhelming.

You want everything and you want it now. I always find myself saying things like: “this is everything”, “I need this skirt in my life” [when I really don’t] or “this is life”. Honestly, I really believe I need those items in my life… Not because I’m materialistic [okay, who am I kidding? I ADMIT IT] but because I tend to fall in love with timeless pieces and I see it as an investment. I love a frugal way of life, so I rarely splurge but I’ll allow myself to invest in a really cool trench coat or cashmere gloves [even though there is a possibility of me losing them… It seldom happens], leather boots [Frye is always a good investment, Fiorentini+Baker is too], etc.

Thankfully, I work to pay bills and not shop… not uncommon to many. I have developed patience from being broke. It allowed me to realize that clothes, shoes, bags are not the most important things in life. The most valuable things I have and cherish are my family, my friends and my legs [hahaha]… I digress.

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