|April.Inspiration #8|

Posh Spice to spice up your life! She’s the master of effortlessly cool.

I have nothing against skinny jeans but I have moved on to maxi and better things. Yaaaas Queen V.B. taught me.

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I was rushing to get ready this morning (like every morning actually) and realized two things:

  1. I really need to proceed with my Spring cleaning
  2. I have a lot of men’s clothing in my wardrobe. As a matter of le fact, I did not buy half of it.

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| Silence + Noise |

Hi friends!!

It’s been forever. Life has taken me away from you guys, but I am BACK (like flared jeans) with an outfit idea I think you might like. I am wearing one of my favorite tops from Silence+Noise. I love the silent casual feel of their clothing and the noise it makes because it is so eclectic.

I am also wearing my favorite new jeans from CLUB MONACO and my SWEDISH HASBEENS (similar here) that I bought in this lovely store in the market called WOLF&Zed. Seriously guys, I wear them almost everyday, they are so comfortable.

I hope you like it.
Bisouuus & thank you for reading!

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